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  • What is your Refund and Return Policy?
    Due to the nature of all our products, we DO NOT accept returns, exchanges, or issue refunds under any circumstance. ALL SALES ARE FINAL ONCE THEY START BEING PROCESSED, AND ALL PRODUCTS ARE MADE PER OUR SIZE GUIDE SPECIFICATIONS AND MADE TO ORDER. We also have limited inventory during our launches. Please note that all our products are handmade, and we believe this is one of the great characteristics of our product line; thus, small imperfections in the sewing can happen as a result. Reasons such as imperfections in the stitching, not liking the color of the product, not liking the characteristics of the bandana, not reading our size guide, or not measuring your dog correctly are not acceptable reasons to void this policy. Please double-check that you measured your dog's neck correctly. We provide detailed sizing charts and additional information in all our product description boxes. Please double-check our sizing guides and ensure that your dog's neck size matches a size specified in our guide before you place your order (if your dog's neck size is close to one of our measurement limits, consider ordering one size up or reach out to us via our contact form if you have any questions). The only exception to this policy is if you received a damaged, defective, or the wrong item(s). These three cases are the only times we will accept a return/exchange and must be reported no later than five (5) business days upon the receipt of your order. Please refer to our FAQ that addresses these specific instances.
  • What happens if I made a mistake when placing my order, if I want to amend my existing order, or if I want to cancel my order?
    We are happy to help you. We can help you amend or cancel your pre-existing order, but you must reach out to us immediately (email us at Once your order has been started, we will not be able to make any changes to your order or cancel your order.
  • What if my package is missing an item?
    If your package is missing an item, please reach out to us immediately via our contact form or email us at We will send you the missing item per your order number.
  • Can an impromptu change occur to my order?
    We take a very careful inventory of our cloth before we release a new product line. With that said, an impromptu change is "possible" but extremely rare and highly unlikely. Usually, an impromptu change is the result of sudden disruptions such as a shortage of cloth or materials. In these extremely rare instances, we will reach out to the customer via email to address the matter and adjust their respective order accordingly prior to shipment.
  • What if your product comes damaged, defective, or you received the wrong item(s)?
    Please inspect your order upon receipt and contact us immediately if the item is damaged, defective, or if you received the wrong item(s). These three cases must be reported no later than five (5) business days upon the receipt of your order. While it is rare that orders come damaged, defective, or contain a wrong item (i.e., you ordered a small bandana but received a medium bandana), mistakes do happen, and we apologize if you experience one. We can evaluate these issues on a case-by-case basis, and we will make sure you are treated right. You can contact us at or DM us on Facebook or Instagram for immediate assistance. You can also document your case using our contact form. Pup Splendanas & Accessories will review your case accordingly. Please note that we will reserve the right to charge you for shipping if the repair is not deemed necessary upon further inspection. Once your request has been evaluated and processed, we will send you a pre-paid shipping return label (USPS) via your provided email address. We ask that you return the damaged/defective/incorrect item (via USPS) using the shipping return label at your earliest convenience. The customer shall pack the damaged/defective/wrong item(s) and apply the pre-paid shipping return label. This process should cover all shipping expenses. Once the customer prepares the return package, he or she can simply drop off the return package at the local USPS Post Office. Once the damaged/defective/wrong item has been returned, we will replace the damaged or defective item(s) BASED ON YOUR ORIGINAL ORDER, and we will ship you your replacement item(s). To the Customer Affected: While it can be an inconvenience to follow this process, we politely ask that you follow the steps outlined above. We are a small business, and your return greatly helps us improve our products and services for future customers. This process also ensures that your order is done right, and the item in question is remade to the highest of standards. Because you will receive a replacement item based on your original order, a refund will not be applied (no change to our refund policy). We will work as quickly as possible to correct the issue at hand. If there are any questions, please don't be afraid to reach out to us (email us at
  • Do you have any product disclaimers?
    All of our products are fully handmade, so they may vary slightly. The bandanas, collars, bow ties, and all other products are not meant to be chewed or played with. Please supervise your dog when wearing our products, and please refer to our sizing guides to ensure that you use our products correctly. We are not responsible for damaged accessories caused by your pet or owner's misuse of our products. Please refer to our sizing guides to ensure you (the owner) use our products correctly on your pet and reach out to us if you have any questions about sizing or any one of our products.
  • Where are your products made?
    All our products are handmade in the United States. Materials' country of origin may vary. All embroidery designs come from ETSY, and credit for these designs should go to the original file creators. Per ETSY policies, these files are not shared or resold to 3rd parties.
  • What if I have questions about a specific product or about sizing?
    We are happy to help answer your questions. You can contact us at or fill in our contact form with regards to these kinds of inquiries. There is also a note section where you can request minor tweaks to your order or document your preferences; we will do our best to accommodate, but we cannot guarantee that your tweaks or preferences can be exactly met.
  • How do I care for my bandanas?
    We recommend handwashing your bandana with cold water and air-drying it. Iron the bandana on low to medium heat.
  • What if the item I want is out of stock?
    If an item that you want is out of stock, please provide your email address using the "Notify When Available" button. If the item becomes available, you will receive an email stating the item is back in stock. Keep in mind that our inventory is based on the amount of cloth we have readily available, so do not wait if you see that "Back in Stock" email. Once the specific cloth is gone, we will not be able to make the item again (don't miss out).
  • What if I have a special request or want a customized order?
    If you want a customized order, you will need to fill out our Special Requests Form (this step is mandatory). Once you complete our Special Requests Form, we will review your request and may contact you for additional information. Please note that not all special requests are approved, so please provide as much detail as possible prior to submitting your special request. Once we review and approve your request, we will send out a quote to the customer for review. The customer has the right to decline the quote, and no invoice will be generated to the customer if he or she chooses to decline the product(s) and services defined in the quote. If the customer agrees to the quote, an invoice will be generated, which will be billed out to the customer for payment upfront. The invoice shall itemize the sales tax of your respective location, the shipping cost, and your personalized item (may document the materials needed to produce the special request). The payment of the invoice is due upon the receipt of the invoice. Once the payment is made and accepted, we will proceed with creating your customized order. We will be in contact with you to ensure your order is made correctly and according to the customer's specifications. Please note that these special requests take time and are in the same processing queue as our regular product line; thus, your special request will follow the same processing times as described in the Shipping Inquires FAQ section.
  • What should I expect if I place a special request or customized order?
    Whenever you place a special request or customized order, we will do our best to communicate with you (via email, Instagram DMs, and pictures) in order to achieve your desired product. We do our very best to capture all your preferences. Please keep in mind that all our products are handmade and your 'exact' preferences may not be achieved (i.e., the exact color, font, etc.) We also have many customers in our queue, and we cannot indefinitely work with you; thus, we do ask that you finalize your preferences sooner rather than later. In the event that a customer cannot finalize their preferences in a timely manner (greater than 3 weeks), we will finalize your special request or customized order based on the information you gave us in prior conversations and ship/close your order.
  • What is your shipping policy and your processing time?
    Update (4/4/22): Due to increasing shipping costs, we are only offering first-class shipping. All our products are handmade upon receipt of your order. Whenever we launch a new product line, the processing time can take up to five (5) weeks due to the large influx of orders. These estimates do not take into account shipping times. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about your order. We are a very small team, but we do our best to get your order processed as quickly as possible. Our carrier of choice is USPS. For domestic orders (the United States & US Territories), your order will take an estimated 1-3 business days to arrive (First Class Mail). If you opt for Priority Mail, your order will arrive within 1-3 business days. If you opt for Priority Mail Express, your order will arrive between 1-2 business days. For International Orders, your shipping time will vary based on your destination address (First Class Mail International). If you opt for Priority Mail International, your order will arrive within 6-10 business days. If you opt for Priority Mail Express International, your order will arrive within 3-5 business days.
  • What if I provided the wrong shipping address?
    Please make sure to verify that your shipping address is correct before completing your purchase. If a wrong shipping address was provided, the customer must notify us IMMEDIATELY to ensure all products ordered are sent to the correct shipping address. In the event that the carrier returns an order due to an incorrect address (and where the customer did not notify us in a timely manner), we reserve the right to charge you the minimum shipping to make sure you receive your order.
  • Can I expedite my shipping time?
    We understand that external circumstances come up and may prompt expedited shipping. Please reach out to us as soon as possible if your order requires expedited shipping. We do charge a "Shipping Cost Adjustment" if your order does require expedited shipping. This adjustment cost will cover the difference between "First Class Shipping" and whatever shipping option a customer may desire (i.e., Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express).
  • What if my order didn't arrive (domestic and international orders)?
    Pup Splendanas & Accessories is not responsible if your order gets lost or stolen. Since we use USPS, we do not have control over the package once we ship it. If the product was delivered by the carrier and the tracking information verifies its delivery, we cannot be held responsible for the lost or stolen package. If the USPS loses your package, please file a claim with USPS.
  • Do you offer international shipping?
    Currently, we ship to the United States (including Hawaii and Alaska), US Territories and Provinces, Canada, and select international countries. Reach out to us via the email address if you have questions on international shipping. At this time, we do not ship to any EU country or Australia.
  • What are your shipping rates, and how are they calculated?
    For domestic orders (Continental US, Alaska, Hawaii, and US Territories), shipping rates take into account the weight of your order, the dimensions of the packaging, and your shipping destination address. When these factors are aggregated, the rates are also automatically calculated by USPS. For international orders, the shipping rates are calculated via USPS.
  • What are the differences among First Class, Priority Mail, and Priority Mail Express?
    Update (4/4/22): Due to increasing shipping costs, we are only offering first-class shipping for the time being. All options include tracking numbers. First Class does not include insurance for the package. Priority Mail does include insurance (up to $50). Priority Mail Express also includes insurance (up to $100) as well as proof of delivery - signature recorded. Please note that First Class only covers domestic shipments up to 13 ounces (oz.) and covers international shipments up to 4 pounds (lbs.) With that said, our shipments should not exceed these weight limits given the known weights of our products. Please refer to the "Shipping Policy FAQ" for additional details.
  • Do customs and duties taxes apply to my order (international customers)?
    If you order from another country, international shipping costs and local taxes will apply to your order. These rates are taken into account at your check-out. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that you will not incur additional charges such as customs taxes or duties. These charges may occur once the package reaches its destination country/address. The international customer is responsible for paying any customs and import taxes that some countries may apply.
  • Do you ship to APO/FPO/DPO addresses?
    We support our military and diplomats! In order to fulfill these types of orders, we will utilize the 'Click-N-Ship' feature on USPS, where we will automatically fill out a PS 2976-A Customs Form based on the order's information, and we will ship the order as 'Priority Mail Military.' The order will be classified as 'Overseas Military/Diplomatic Mail' on the Customs Form. Once the order is fulfilled, we will provide the barcode number for your own records. These kinds of orders are considered domestic. Please note the following: because these orders are not considered international orders and are processed differently, there is no way for us to track the order once it is delivered to USPS even though a customs form is required to ship your item (Publication 640 Military Mail). Also, please keep in mind that your location may impose restrictions on your order (i.e., inspect it or forbid the items from entry) and that shipping times vary greatly based on your location. Pup Splendanas & Accessories is not responsible if your order becomes lost or stolen; it is the customers' responsibility to validate their location's restrictions and customs procedures.
  • Do you use other carriers other than USPS?
    We only use USPS for domestic and international orders and invoices. Due to brokerage fees applied by other carriers (i.e., FedEx, DHL, and UPS), we do not use them to ship your order(s). No exceptions.
  • What if I have privacy concern or I want to delete my user account?
    We take privacy matters and inquiries very seriously. Please fill out our contact form with your deletion request or email us at We will then remove your information (i.e., user account, email, name) from our website accordingly. You shall be notified once the account deletion has been completed.
  • How do I report a site bug or a listing error?
    If you experience a bug or see a listing error on this website, please email us at or report it using our contact form. Once received, we will take the necessary steps to correct the bug or listing error identified.
  • What if I have a question not covered in the FAQ?
    For all other inquiries not covered in the FAQ, please reach out to us via our contact form or email us at We are more than happy to address your question.
  • How are the taxes calculated?
    For domestic orders (Continental US, Alaska, Hawaii, and US Terrorities), sales tax is automatically calculated based on your destination address' sales tax rate (varies by individual state). For most international orders, taxes are calculated automatically by your destination address/country. If not, a flat rate is used and will be set based on your specific address/country. The customer is responsible for any customs and duties taxes applicable to your shipment.
  • What payment processors do you use?
    Our website can process all major payment processors such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. We also take payment via Apple Pay and PayPal. We do not accept orders that are "off-the-record" (i.e., payment via a personal Venmo or personal PayPal Account). If you want to place an order, you must place it via this website (no exceptions).
  • Do you offer promotion codes?
    Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages for promotion codes (i.e., Holiday discounts, model/ambassador codes). You can also follow us on our Pinterest page. Please note the following: - If your order's subtotal (of all products in your cart) is greater than $75 (without using a promo code), you will get free shipping. - If your order does use a promo code, you have to ensure your order's subtotal (with the promo code applied in addition to all products in your cart) is greater than $75 in order to get Free Shipping on your order. - If the promo code offers "Free Shipping," your order will use first-class mail unless your order exceeds 13 oz.
  • Do you offer free shipping?
    Update (4/4/22): Due to increasing shipping costs, we are only offering first-class shipping for the time being. For domestic orders (Continental US, Alaska, Hawaii, and US Territories & Provinces), we offer free shipping if your order exceeds the following: First Class - $75. For international orders, we offer free shipping if your order exceeds the following: First Class International - $150 (USD).
  • Do you offer store gift cards?
    Due to US state and federal laws, we do not offer store gift cards.
  • What is your Instagram Model Program?
    At select times of the year, we offer our Instagram followers the opportunity to participate as Instagram Models for our store. Please apply via the application link, which will be posted and available during entry periods. Special store perks are announced and detailed on our Instagram page. No purchase is necessary to enter or win. A purchase or payment will not improve your chances of being picked/winning. Void outside the USA, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, other United States territories and possessions, and Canada. Only one (1) entry is allowed per applicant. Must be eighteen (18) or older to apply.
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